• Artec (Arts Technology Centre)

  • 1995

This was a CD-ROM on Sexual health awareness is collaboration between Artec (Arts Technology Centre), and the East London and City Health Authority. Intended for youths from 12-16, this CD-ROM is inspired in a visual style similar to first person video games. It was designed as an interactive resource for young people about HIV and AIDS Within the "Positive Cafe", based in the year 2049, the user is encouraged to explore the various rooms of the cafe featuring educational and informative animations and videos clips. The CD is aimed at educating school students in order for them to write reports and create classroom debates in connection with sexual health awareness. The user can even partake in an interactive comic book, make decisions, and make their own stories based around many different characters.

BIMA 1995 Winner of the BIMA Award 1995

Mobius Prize Winner of the Mobius European Prize